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  • Mobile station second app
    Based on the HTML packaging app, as long as there is a mobile station, it can generate mobile applications in 3 minutes. At the same time, it has the apple version of Android dual system app, quickly entering the era of mobile Internet.
  • Cloud online development
    "YimenApp" started in 2015. The platform is online packaged in the cloud, with 24-365 day seamless service. It can quickly follow up the version update of Android & IOS system, and keep your app compatible with the new version of the system!
  • Visual self-service operation
    Platform cloud online packaging, independent packaging management background, independent operation of self-help configuration, no need to understand the code, grassroots webmaster can do the application, play mobile era, packaging on their own, iterative no man.
  • Independent online function
    Yinmenapp It has unique online and offline functions. Online functions can be directly configured online and take effect in a timely manner, without the need to regenerate the app, which helps the operation and is convenient and fast.
  • Unique chain control function
    Control some common functions of app based on URL link, such as adding "xapp navigation = 0" to a tag suffix to hide the native title bar under the current URL in app.
  • Free web site
    You can customize the package free website or fixed website. You can change the website. Develop APP
  • Native title block
    The native title bar function at the top of app can set the status bar and title bar color. Develop APP
  • Floating function
    The screen in the app floats in the whole area, which can be pulled. Click the float. Develop APP
  • URL rule
    Through regular matching rules, the control of open links in app is realized. Develop APP
  • Drop-down refresh
    After opening, you can pull down the page in the app to reload the current URL. Develop APP
  • Boot page
    After the first startup of app, there will be 1-5 slide guide pages,version can be set. Develop APP
  • Cache management
    In the open state, the app cache will be cleared automatically whenever the app is started. Develop APP
  • Top & bottom
    Navigation can be set with up to five buttons. The current window always exists. Develop APP
  • bottom toolbars
    Main functions include forward, backward, refresh, clear cache and return to home page. Develop APP
  • Scan
    Which can be customized to visit the target website with parameters after scanning. Develop APP
  • H5 Location
    it is automatically compatible with any standard H5 positioning data in the app. Develop APP
  • WeChat login
    Integrated wechat open platform wechat native login interface,access to data. Develop APP
  • QQ login
    Access to website data can be realized to achieve the QQ login effect of native app. Develop APP
  • Browser UA
    Customize the user agent of the browser in app to facilitate source data statistics. Develop APP
  • Long press
    Long press function in app, long press to copy text, picture, website, save website. Develop APP
  • No net hint
    When there is no network, the app will automatically pop up the native no network prompt. Develop APP
  • Load progress bar
    App web page data loading progress bar, loading line can be set. Develop APP
  • Photo & record
    Upload pictures, videos, audio and files on H5 compatible pages in app. Develop APP
  • The screen is always bright
    app is not affected by the lock screen of device screen protection during use and opening. Develop APP
  • Mail list
    Call the mobile phone address book in the app to get the address book data. Develop APP
  • CSS style sheet
    Implement the app side injection without modifying the HTML code of the web page. Develop APP
  • Inject JS script
    Inject JS script through app side without modifying JS code of web page. Develop APP
  • Multi view browsing
    Suitable for sites with many pictures, full screen and large picture native browsing experience. Develop APP
  • One click sharing multiple graphs
    Convenient and fast multi graph sharing function without interface. Develop APP
  • APP Jump
    Click the corresponding third-party link in the app to jump to other app effects. Develop APP
  • X5 kernel
    Integrating Tencent X5 kernel, you can have Tencent X5 kernel. Develop APP
  • Return and exit
    Return and exit experience effect of native app, double-click to return or exit. Develop APP
  • Sideslip sidebar
    Add the invasive sideslip sidebar in the app, which can be customized. Develop APP
  • System navigation and reverse
    Develop the system navigation and backward function of app to realize the control of the device Develop APP
  • APP Screenshots
    Develop the screenshot function of app to effectively realize the screenshot management of equipment Develop APP
  • Multi screen display
    Let a device's screen display multiple windows at the same time. Develop APP
  • Reading document
    Realize online preview support for common documents such as Excel, word, TXT, PDF, etc. Develop APP
  • More online features
    In the process of continuous update of online functions, please log in to the developer center for more ! Develop APP
  • Equipment adaptation
    Set up compatible mobile phones & tablets in app. Develop APP
  • Ad launch screen
    The startup screen is replaced by the advertising screen. Develop APP
  • WeChat share
    Need to apply for an independent app sharing interface to wechat open platform Develop APP
  • QQ share
    Share app data to friends or QQ space by arousing QQ. Develop APP
  • getui VIP push
    Develop app integrated push VIP push interface. Develop APP
  • Jiguang push
    Push message to app users. Develop APP
  • getui push
    To push data to app conveniently and quickly, you need to apply for interfaces to push platforms. Develop APP
  • Alipay payment
    Achieving the original payment effect of Alipay transaction in APP Develop APP
  • WeChat payment
    Realize the original wechat payment effect of calling wechat app to initiate transactions within Develop APP
  • Ali baichuan business
    Facilitate Taobao app to achieve a better experience Develop APP
  • URL start-up APP
    It can realize the effect of starting app with web link Develop APP
  • Tencent mobile analysis
    Realizing Tencent statistical function in app Develop APP
  • Youmeng Statistics
    Alibaba's statistical analysis platform Develop APP
  • Baidu mobile statistics
    Realize data statistics of app, baidu statistics Mobile Edition Develop APP
  • Sina micro-blog
    Develop and integrate Sina Weibo SDK in app. Develop APP
  • Baidu Maps AK
    Develop the SDK of Baidu map AK integrated with app. Develop APP
  • Baidu's location
    Develop app to integrate Baidu's geographic positioning function. Develop APP
  • AI Face recognition
    Develop app to integrate the AI face recognition function of Baidu open platform Develop APP
  • Accelerometer
    which can call the accelerometer identifying the device. Develop APP
  • gyroscope
    It can call the gyroscope of the device and read the gyroscope data. Develop APP
  • Video player
    Develop app to integrate native video player function and native broadcaster Develop APP
  • Fingerprint verification
    Develop app integration native app fingerprint verification function Develop APP
  • iOS pay
    Develop and integrate IOS internal purchase function for app to realize internal purchase in App Store Market Develop APP
  • Nakasaki printer
    Develop app integrated nakasaki printer SDK Develop APP
  • For more
    For more functions, please log in the developer center and view in the configuration app! Develop APP
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