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  • WebAPP

    website 3 minutes Dual system APP

    Based on the HTML package to make app, as long as there is a mobile website or HTML file, the app can be generated in 3 minutes. Making APP
  • Saas Pattern

    Html hybrid iteration compatible

    YimenApp started in 2015. The platform is online packaged in the cloud, 24 by 365 seamless service.Continuous iteration. Making APP
  • Self-help

    Independent Self assembling Y code

    Platform cloud online packaging, independent packaging management background, independent operation of self-help configuration, no need to understand the code. Making APP
  • Online function

    Online Immediate Operate

    YimenApp Unique distinction between online and offline functions, online functions can be directly configured online, effective immediately. Making APP
  • Injection and control

    URL control Js&Css JS-SDK

    Based on URL link, some common functions of app can be easily manipulated. By injecting CSS and JS, the UI and functions of app and WAP can be separated.. Making APP
  • APP certificate

    Simple IOS&Android Autonomous

    YimenApp Provide one click app certificate generation system, online production of IOS and Android certificates, and support upload and package of APP certificates. Making APP
  • Test distribution

    Test APP Appstore Android store

    UAPP and yizhanapp provide app internal testing services, anzhuoe and applebyme respectively provide apple and Google store and other market listing services. Making APP
  • Openstore

    Software certificate Discuz Integrate

    Soft work application, intellectual property agency, customized development, secondary development, global distribution, SSL certificate, discuz plug-in. Making APP
    • Free web site
      You can customize the package free website or fixed website. You can change the website. Making APP
    • Native title block
      The native title bar function at the top of app can set the status bar and title bar color. Making APP
    • Floating function
      The screen in the app floats in the whole area, which can be pulled. Click the float. Making APP
    • URL rule
      Through regular matching rules, the control of open links in app is realized. Making APP
    • Drop-down refresh
      After opening, you can pull down the page in the app to reload the current URL. Making APP
    • Boot page
      After the first startup of app, there will be 1-5 slide guide pages,version can be set. Making APP
    • Cache management
      In the open state, the app cache will be cleared automatically whenever the app is started. Making APP
    • Top & bottom
      Navigation can be set with up to five buttons. The current window always exists. Making APP
    • bottom toolbars
      Main functions include forward, backward, refresh, clear cache and return to home page. Making APP
    • Scan
      Which can be customized to visit the target website with parameters after scanning. Making APP
    • H5 Location
      it is automatically compatible with any standard H5 positioning data in the app. Making APP
    • WeChat login
      Integrated wechat open platform wechat native login interface,access to data. Making APP
    • QQ login
      Access to website data can be realized to achieve the QQ login effect of native app. Making APP
    • Browser UA
      Customize the user agent of the browser in app to facilitate source data statistics. Making APP
    • Long press
      Long press function in app, long press to copy text, picture, website, save website. Making APP
    • No net hint
      When there is no network, the app will automatically pop up the native no network prompt. Making APP
    • Load progress bar
      App web page data loading progress bar, loading line can be set. Making APP
    • Photo & record
      Upload pictures, videos, audio and files on H5 compatible pages in app. Making APP
    • The screen is always bright.
      app is not affected by the lock screen of device screen protection during use and opening. Making APP
    • Mail list
      Call the mobile phone address book in the app to get the address book data. Making APP
    • CSS style sheet
      Implement the app side injection without modifying the HTML code of the web page. Making APP
    • Inject JS script
      Inject JS script through app side without modifying JS code of web page. Making APP
    • Multi view browsing
      Suitable for sites with many pictures, full screen and large picture native browsing experience. Making APP
    • One click sharing multiple graphs
      Convenient and fast multi graph sharing function without interface. Making APP
    • APP Jump
      Click the corresponding third-party link in the app to jump to other app effects. Making APP
    • X5 kernel
      Integrating Tencent X5 kernel, you can have Tencent X5 kernel. Making APP
    • Return and exit
      Return and exit experience effect of native app, double-click to return or exit. Making APP
    • Sideslip sidebar
      Add the invasive sideslip sidebar in the app, which can be customized. Making APP
    • System navigation and reverse
      Develop the system navigation and backward function of app to realize the control of the device Making APP
    • APP Screenshots
      Develop the screenshot function of app to effectively realize the screenshot management of equipment Making APP
    • Multi screen display
      Let a device's screen display multiple windows at the same time. Making APP
    • Reading document
      Realize online preview support for common documents such as Excel, word, TXT, PDF, etc. Making APP
    • Equipment adaptation
      Set up compatible mobile phones & tablets in app. Making APP
    • Ad launch screen
      The startup screen is replaced by the advertising screen. Making APP
    • WeChat share
      Need to apply for an independent app sharing interface to wechat open platform Making APP
    • QQ share
      Share app data to friends or QQ space by arousing QQ. Making APP
    • getui VIP push
      Develop app integrated push VIP push interface. Making APP
    • Jiguang push
      Push message to app users. Making APP
    • getui push
      To push data to app conveniently and quickly, you need to apply for interfaces to push platforms. Making APP
    • Alipay payment
      Achieving the original payment effect of Alipay transaction in APP Making APP
    • WeChat payment
      Realize the original wechat payment effect of calling wechat app to initiate transactions within app Making APP
    • Ali baichuan business
      Facilitate Taobao app to achieve a better experience Making APP
    • URL start-up APP
      It can realize the effect of starting app with web link Making APP
    • Tencent mobile analysis
      Realizing Tencent statistical function in app Making APP
    • Youmeng Statistics
      Alibaba's statistical analysis platform Making APP
    • Baidu mobile statistics
      Realize data statistics of app, baidu statistics Mobile Edition Making APP
    • Sina micro-blog
      Develop and integrate Sina Weibo SDK in app. Making APP
    • Baidu Maps AK
      Develop the SDK of Baidu map AK integrated with app. Making APP
    • Baidu's location
      Develop app to integrate Baidu's geographic positioning function. Making APP
    • AI Face recognition
      Develop app to integrate the AI face recognition function of Baidu open platform Making APP
    • Accelerometer
      which can call the accelerometer identifying the device. Making APP
    • gyroscope
      It can call the gyroscope of the device and read the gyroscope data. Making APP
    • Video player
      Develop app to integrate native video player function and native broadcaster Making APP
    • Fingerprint verification
      Develop app integration native app fingerprint verification function Making APP
    • iOS pay
      Develop and integrate IOS internal purchase function for app to realize internal purchase in App Store Market Making APP
    • Nakasaki printer
      Develop app integrated nakasaki printer SDK Making APP
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